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"Agriculture is a great business to be in right now. We're experiencing some really great prices," said farmer Ben Moore. "Currently corn and soybean prices are higher than they've ever been."

"When I started farming, we didn't have the technology that we have today," said Moore. "Most of the tractors and combines and spray rigs I run have GPS capabilities."

Agriculture, Animal Science, and Horticulture as three of the five "most useless" degrees available to college students.

He says things are much different now than when he began.

A recent "Yahoo Education" study deemed Puma Mens Shoes Without Laces

Puma Trainers No Laces

It is those types of technological innovations that are fueling young people's interest in agriculture.

Puma Trainers No Laces

"Often times agriculture is lumped into this idea of sows and cows and plows," said Tennessee State Representative Andy Holt. "But it is so much more than that now with the integration of technology."

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"Agriculture is always going to be necessary," said Rep. Holt. "Not that agriculture is necessarily recession proof, but you look at the success American agriculture has had over the last three, four, five years and for all practical purposes, has been unaffected."

Farming is big business in West Tennessee, but it appears not everyone realizes it.

they're willing to work hard."

Puma Trainers No Laces

Getting into farming can be a very pricey start up, but Holt, who did not grow up on a farm, said with experience, it is doable.

´╗┐More Young People Working in Farming

Puma Trainers No Laces

Puma Trainers No Laces

Puma Trainers No Laces

Growing up on a farm, Moore has seen plenty of changes and success.

Puma Trainers No Laces

"I started with 25 chickens in the Chick Chain project when I was in the 4H program," said Rep. Holt. "There's opportunities out there for students and for young people if they want to be involved and Puma High Top Sneakers For Men

and his wife Jennifer recently took home the American Farm Bureau's Puma Trainers No Laces Young Farmer and Ranchers Achievement Award.

Puma Trainers No Laces

The lure is also in the stability of the industry.

Puma Trainers No Laces

Puma Trainers No Laces

Puma Trainers No Laces

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