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Puma Roma Grey

"There was six of us in grade Puma Sneakers Ladies

Jack is passionate about education and said the benefits of studying and learning were endless.

"As long as you live you should be learning and it has certainly benefited me," he said.

"Right at the end of that I left the shipyard because they offered Puma Shoes Red

Puma Roma Grey

Jack's apprenticeship indirectly started a long and prosperous career.

Jack has achieved a great deal since he arrived in Whyalla more than 50 years ago.

Jack Velthuizen is a familiar face around town and passionate about Whyalla.

Puma Roma Grey

Born in Holland, Jack came to Australia in 1960 with his parents and siblings.

Puma Roma Grey

In order to get his diploma in teaching, Jack started studying and discovering a love for learning went on to complete a Bachelor of Education and Masters in Educational Studies.

Puma Roma Grey

"It was after the war and my parents felt the kids would have a better chance in a place like Canada, South Africa or Australia, which turned out to be true," Jack said.

Puma Roma Grey

Jack said in those days it was easy to decide what you were going to do and find a job.

He has worked as the senior educational manager for the past 10 years where he was responsible for all of the engineering programs across the state except the Adelaide metro area.

for technical drawing was discovered and he was offered a position in the drawing office, where he worked for 10 years.

Puma Roma Grey

"I have never looked back, it was a great trade and the company was really good to work for, if you were interested."

"Because you are in the environment at the TAFE, where it is all about lifelong learning, I was 42 by the time I finished, I did it all part time," he said.

Puma Roma Grey

´╗┐More time for Whyalla

After completing third year at high school, Jack got an apprenticeship at BHP as a boilermaker.

Puma Roma Grey

Once they arrived in Sydney, Jack and his family stayed in one of the camps until his dad landed a job with BHP as a boilermaker and welder in Whyalla.

Once his dad had settled into his job Puma Roma Grey and found accommodation, the rest of the family made the two day train voyage to Whyalla.

Puma Roma Grey

However, he is far from enjoying the typical leisurely lifestyle of retirement and has taken on a part time role at the University of South Australia Whyalla Campus, teaching Sustainable Engineer Practice.

"My patch went from Mount Gambier to Coober Pedy and basically Peterborough out to Yalata," he said.

Jack said he particularly enjoyed visiting Aboriginal communities in various areas including the APY Lands through his work.

Growing up, Jack attended what was then called the 'West School', now Nicolson Avenue Primary School and moved to Hincks Avenue Primary School when it opened.

A valued educator for 37 years, Jack recently retired from the TAFE SA Whyalla Campus.

Puma Roma Grey

"The master of apprentices asked what I wanted to be, I said I don't know, he said what was your dad he's a welder at the shipyard, right, boilermaker, start Monday, and that's how it went," Jack said.

During his time at trade school, his talent Puma Sports Shoes

seven at Hincks Avenue School and we were the first six to graduate from Hincks Avenue to high school," he said.

However, Jack embraced the opportunity to study at the South Australian Institute of Technology, which is now the university and completed his technician's certificate.

"I absolutely loved it and thought I would be there forever but then, we all know history, the shipyard closed," Jack said.

Jack worked as a teacher at TAFE for 13 years, then became a senior lecturer before becoming an educational manager.

"I still believe getting skills and being trained is the answer, it is the way out of any dilemma," he said.

On arrival they moved into the Milparra Migrant Hostel, which used to be on Lacey Street where they stayed for a few months before moving to a house on Harvey Street.

me a job at TAFE and I started as a teacher," Jack said.

Puma Roma Grey

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